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  • Feitian BioPass – K49

FEITIAN BioPass FIDO2 Security Key K49 is built on FIDO2 specification which is issued and promoted by FIDO Alliance to drive and enable passwordless multi-factor authentication.

For enterprises who use passwords today and have a shared PC environment, security keys for Windows Hello provide a more seamless way for employees to authenticate without entering a username or password.

Unlike passwords, using BioPass FIDO2 Security Key brings lower IT management costs, provides improved productivity, and enhanced security and privacy for both employees and employers. With a simple touch, the built-in sensor quickly verifies your fingerprint and automatically unlocks your device, allowing easy access to information stored on your device. 

The embedded security chip of BioPass Security Key includes an advanced security architecture which was designed and developed to encrypt, store and protect your fingerprint data. Once enrolled, fingerprint data is used only to verify that it matches the enrolled fingerprint data.

Fingerprint recognition

Biometric technology makes BioPass FIDO2 Security Key one of the most secure tokens. The fingerprint module prevents any misuses of the token from people other than authorized user, and losing the key will cause no security risk at all.

Advanced security architecture

The embedded security chip of BioPass FIDO2 Security Key is designed and developed to encrypt, store and protect your fingerprint data. Once enrolled, it is not possible for someone to reverse engineer your actual fingerprint image from this stored data.


AES, HMAC, ECDH, Brings top security to you all.

USB Type-A or Type-C

The built-in USB Type-A (K50) or Type-C port (K49) makes BioPass FIDO2 Security Key the perfect match for your cutting-edge computers.

Touch & Go passwordless device unlock

Seamlessly support Windows Hello (Within an Azure AD). Will support multiple PC platforms.

All metal high-end design

Fashion style, the perfect mix of design and performance.


  • Interoperates out-of-the-box with all services that support the FIDO2 protocol
  • Interface: USB-C
  • Supported Operating Systems:Chrome OS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Maximum number of credentials:128
  • Security Algorithms: ECDSA, SHA256, AES, HMAC, ECDH
  • Communication Protocol: CTAPHID
  • K26 Datasheet and Specifications

Item Dimensions: 2.00" x 0.75" x 0.25" inches

Model number K49
Product Name FIDO2 Security Key – K49
Functions FIDO2
Embedded security algorithm ECDSA, SHA256, AES, HMAC, ECDH
Interface type USB-C
Data storage life At least 10 years
Programming cycles 100,000 times
Communication protocol CTAP2, HID
Working voltage 5.0V
Rating current 56mA
Power 0.28W
Working temperature -10ºC ~ 50ºC
Storage temperature -20ºC ~ 70ºC
Button & Light Physical type, Green LED, Red LED
Casing Material PC + ABC + Zinc Alloy
Fingerprint Sensor FPC Fingerprint Sensor

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Feitian BioPass – K49

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  • Model  K49
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